Wealth Building

Wealth Building

The creation of wealth or wealth building is often our ultimate objective when we start our own business.

But how to create wealth?

There are three stages of wealth building to focus on:

1. Finding money

2. Making Money and

3. Keeping money

Often when starting a new business we need some seed capital. In the case of a network marketing business this may be anything from $250 to $3,000 depending on the product that’s being sold and the business infrastructure needed to get off the ground.

This is where “finding money” comes into play”. Using EBay or Amazon we can find things we own that we either no longer use or no longer want. By selling these we FIND MONEY we otherwise wouldn’t have. This can be a simple way to fund out initial start up.

Next we move into MAKING MONEY. Here’s where the rubber meets the road and we need a value added product or service to offer.

For example, most Americans do not have enough retirement savings to last for the longer life spans we now enjoy. So here’s a potential market segment of people who may be looking for a way to make more money to put towards wealth building for retirement.

In this case, I would take a good look at Wealth Generators

How To Make More Money - Wealth Building


Because for a limited time my Team Building System is going to get your first 3 direct referrals for you and that will make your membership effectively FREE!

As a Wealth Generator Member you will have access to tools, training and even AUTO TRADING systems to speed up your wealth building and if you need to, to get you out of debt faster and with fewer interest payments.

I started my trading account with just $250 and chose a conservative 1% trading risk strategy for myself. Now it’s building wealth for me and compounding day by day on auto-pilot.

Finally we turn to Keeping Money. Here’s where we look at putting a portion of our growing wealth into different classes of monetary instruments to diversify our portfolio.

For example, a 5% allocation of wealth in precious metals is considered to be prudent by many advisors.

How To Make Money On The Side

A lot of people want to know how to make money on the side.

You may not be in a position to quit your day job to start your online business. I would NEVER recommend you do this and place your cash flow and livelihood in danger.

Like any other skill you want to excel in, you need to learn the ropes. And there are no better internet marketing or online business trainers and mentors than my friends Paul and Matt.

Meet Paul and Matt HERE.

Starting out, even putting in a part-time effort you can make money on the side.

One of the biggest keys to success in how to make money on the side is to learn how to make a “self-funding marketing offer”.

This means that you get enough sales from your advertising to cover your marketing costs as you build your customer list.

Then as this list grows you can provide value and make other good offers to your list. Over time, you are building your like-ability and trust with your group.

In turn this make your list members predisposed to read and see value in what you send them.

In this way, it’s your future or “back-end” sales that provide your profit.

Let Paul and Matt explain exactly you can make money on the side by following their marketing system.

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Once your marketing is flowing and your back-end sales start to kick in you will get to learn your numbers…

How many advertising clicks does it take to generate a lead?

How many leads does it take to generate an initial sale?

How many initial sales (of your self-funding marketing offer) does it take to generate a back-end sale?

Once you start to collect this data (and this is what you will learn from Paul and Matt –> HERE) you will know how to scale your business because you will know that, for example:

In week 1: $200 of advertising gets you 50 leads,

50 leads gets you 5 sales of $39.95 = $199.75 (break-even on advertising),

1 of your customers buys the back-end offer worth an additional $199.

By the time you are into week 6, one of your $199 customers also buys another offer, this time for $499.

And so the sales and profit progression starts to build over time.

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Making More Money Online


Making More Money Online…

Making more money online has become the primary way that people look to earn extra income. With the rapid growth in ‘smart phones’ – most commerce is heading to online and mobile devices.

I still get a thrill every time I log on and check my online bank to see how much money I made on auto-pilot overnight while I was asleep.

This is the promise of an online business – 24/7/365 – open for business worldwide, even while you are asleep.

Keep reading and we’ll show you lots of PROVEN ways to make more money online, even as a beginner entrepreneur.

Get Better At Selling

As hard as it may be for you to accept this, the best way to start making more money online is to become a better salesperson.

Most of us are not trained in sales and don’t like the image of the used car salesman, so I understand the usual reluctance to “sell” to people.

But selling people a “bill of goods” – something they don’t want is NOT what I am talking about here.

Learning how to get people to like and trust you because you are trustworthy and can demonstrate a positive track record selling something of value is a very different positive and attractive kind of sales.

What To Sell Online?

Well there is no shortage of possibilities here. With millions of products sold and dozens of different business models, you really can sell whatever you want to.

Or at least you can choose to start making more money online by choosing whatever products you think you can build trust around so you can then sell them effectively.

If you are going to sell something you need to be somewhat knowledgable about it in order to be able to talk effectively and with conviction about it.

For example, one of my first ways to start making more money online was selling Japanese maple trees.

My first e-commerce web site Japanese-Maple.com is still selling seeds, seedlings and grafted trees.

making more money online with Japanese maple tree seeds

I used YouTube to show people how to germinate Japanese maple tree seeds and this provided the proof that I knew what I was talking about by demonstrating that I could do something that, at the time, everyone else said was hard or near impossible to do. Namely germinate Japanese maple tree seeds.

For over ten years, this site has made more money for me consistently.

How Much More Money Do You Want to Make Online?

This is an important question.

From October through April each year I can easily make $500-$750 a month with little effort simply selling Japanese maple tree seeds online.

That goes a long way towards a car payment or a nice vacation.

For you, if all you need is a little extra to save for a vacation – then it doesn’t matter much what you decide to sell. $500 to $1,000 a month can be a realistic goal with some effort, determination and persistence on your part.

But what if this isn’t enough?

What if you want to make enough “more money” to replace a job and earn, say, $40,000, $60,000 or even a 5-figure income?

Then you have to look carefully at the math for the product and the business model.

Selling a lot of a low ticket item

This is what I’ve been doing with Japanese maple seeds. In my case it is not only a low ticket item  – meaning you need to make a lot of sales to make a decent amount of money.

Plus with seeds you are dealing with a variable natural material which adds new complexity and it is a small niche product that’s not inherently scaleable.

So it’s OK to be here if your goal (as mine was) to learn how to sell and cut your teeth in a non-competitive niche. Or if you are happy with a “hobby business” making “hobby amounts of money”

Selling a medium amount of a medium ticket item

If you want to earn a decent amount you have to get into a more competitive niche.

This is where most of the home based businesses operate. Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing is a legitimate, legal way to sell products by direct sales.

It is done all over the world with a wide variety of different products. So you are truly spoilt for choice and you can choose an area where have an interest.

For example, Life’s Abundance sells in the pet food and nutritional niches. There’s a great story about holistic vet Dr, Jane Bicks who started her own pet food line because as a practicing vet with a love of animals she did not approve of how the big pet food companies were making the big brand products.

About a year ago I started to learn how to trade options as an investment growth strategy. I chose to learn the hard (and expensive) way – in the school of experience.

Since then I’ve discovered a MUCH SUPERIOR way to make more money online with Wealth Generators. Whether you need to get out of debt or just build more capital, Wealth Generators is a great way to make more money.

For me the auto-trading is a big benefit. I let the experts trade and build my wealth on auto-pilot while I manage the risk I’m prepared to take in the market.

Plus as an additional valuable bonus,  there’s a way in which my team can build a residual income referring others to the program. I got my first members within 10 days and from that point on my monthly dues have been free. Now I’m free and clear making more money online.

Or let’s say you like to travel and want a way to create a “virtual piggy bank” to save money for vacations. But you also want to get great wholesale prices on your dream trips all over the word.

And you also want to make a reasonable amount of money online as a business as well. Your answer could be World Ventures.

Take dream trips, share pictures of your trips on social media and learn how to make more money by building a travel business.

And I haven’t even started to talk about the nutritional, cosmetic, food, drink, household products and many other niches in which home based businesses operate.

Remember, one of the BIG attractions of network marketing is that you get to learn as you go, there’s a low investment needed to get started and you have the opportunity to grow your own team of independent representatives whose sale also provide you with some commission!

Residual income from ongoing repeat monthly auto-ship sales is a big attraction for the direct sales industry.

Selling a little of a high ticket item

If you really want to get into 5- or even 6-figure income bracket then there’s only one realistic way to go making more money online.

Selling high ticket products and services.

My favorite provides you with a way to learn the high ticket sales business model as you apply it to your own business.

See what Paul, my good friend from the UK  has to say about this!

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