Wealth Building

Wealth Building

The creation of wealth or wealth building is often our ultimate objective when we start our own business.

But how to create wealth?

There are three stages of wealth building to focus on:

1. Finding money

2. Making Money and

3. Keeping money

Often when starting a new business we need some seed capital. In the case of a network marketing business this may be anything from $250 to $3,000 depending on the product that’s being sold and the business infrastructure needed to get off the ground.

This is where “finding money” comes into play”. Using EBay or Amazon we can find things we own that we either no longer use or no longer want. By selling these we FIND MONEY we otherwise wouldn’t have. This can be a simple way to fund out initial start up.

Next we move into MAKING MONEY. Here’s where the rubber meets the road and we need a value added product or service to offer.

For example, most Americans do not have enough retirement savings to last for the longer life spans we now enjoy. So here’s a potential market segment of people who may be looking for a way to make more money to put towards wealth building for retirement.

In this case, I would take a good look at Wealth Generators

How To Make More Money - Wealth Building


Because for a limited time my Team Building System is going to get your first 3 direct referrals for you and that will make your membership effectively FREE!

As a Wealth Generator Member you will have access to tools, training and even AUTO TRADING systems to speed up your wealth building and if you need to, to get you out of debt faster and with fewer interest payments.

I started my trading account with just $250 and chose a conservative 1% trading risk strategy for myself. Now it’s building wealth for me and compounding day by day on auto-pilot.

Finally we turn to Keeping Money. Here’s where we look at putting a portion of our growing wealth into different classes of monetary instruments to diversify our portfolio.

For example, a 5% allocation of wealth in precious metals is considered to be prudent by many advisors.